Craft Advent: Day 7: Cardboard Tube Reindeer

It's me again today with a little craft I really enjoyed making. Last year, my 'Wooly Reindeer' proved hugely popular on Emily's Craft Advent so I thought I'd try to come up with a new reindeer design for this year.

The inspiration for this little Reindeer came from the cardboard tube Unicorns I made a while ago. These are just as easy and I think they look really cute too.

You will need:

A cardboard tube/loo roll
Brown Paint (I had acrylic to hand but poster paint is fine)
Pipe cleaners in a dark colour
Black marker
A drawing pin
A tiny bit of string
A red bead/pom-pom/scrunched up bit of red tissue

Image taken from the Unicorn tutorial - reuse, recycle and all that!


Flatten the tube slightly and draw on the lines you see on the image above, left. Then cut along those lines (see above right). This will create the body and legs of the Reindeer.
Next gently flatten the tube in the opposite direction, draw a smaller arch on the bottom leaving enough space on either side to form legs - and cut it out too. When you have finished - re-shape the tube and stand. You will have completed the body shape of the reindeer and  have a large piece of leftover tube on which you will draw the face. Like this:

Paint the body and face brown.
They don't have to be identical, right?!
Play around with bending the pipe cleaners until you form antler shapes you're happy with. Be careful to leave a decent enough bit of length on the bottom.
Next pierce two holes in the  top of the reindeer's head.
Excuse the ridiculous nails!
Thread the end of the pipe cleaners through and attach to the back of the neck with sellotape.
Cut a slit in the back of the body and insert the tiny bit of string as a tail. Draw on some eyes, glue on the nose - and you're done!


  1. The kids loved your wooly reindeer tutorial so much last year that one of them insisted on keeping his on display all year round :) They will definitely love these!

    1. Aw! That's so lovely to hear! I hope they have as much fun making this one :)


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