Craft Advent: Day 23: Christmas Mouse

T'was (almost) the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a.... well... maybe just one little mouse...

What is it with Christmas and mice? We have a stack of Christmas books that all feature little mice so somehow I've come to associate them with the season. This year, I decided to make a Christmas mouse of my own. This little guy would make a sweet last minute stocking stuffer for a little one or you could turn him into a decoration instead. Or a pincushion... or add a pin to the back and you'd have a brooch - the possibilities are endless!
You Will Need:
Something to draw around to make a circle
Embroidery thread
Needle and Thread
Small black beads
(TIP: Buy a cheap cushion pad and cut it open for the stuffing. It's much cheaper than buying bags of toy-stuffing and still has all the fire regulations covered!)
Cut a circle of felt and fold it in half. Cut two ear shapes from the felt too and pin them in place.
I was scolded by my children, who insisted that these ears were too 'bunny-shaped' for a mouse... but ... I'd like to see them do better....
Stitch along the curve from 'nose' to 'tail', making sure to secure the ears as you go along. When you're nearly there, stop sewing and begin stuffing.
When the mouse is nicely stuffed, insert the tail. Tie a knot in each end of a piece of string and stitch one end into the mouse. The knot will help it not get pulled out too easily.
Next add the eyes. Sew through from one side to the other to create and indentation and pull the thread nice and tight.

You could make these little guys in any colour you like, or even use patterned fabric for a vintage feel. This one was a big hit here and was even brought to school for a visit... despite his 'bunny' ears...

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