Craft Advent: Day 8: Two-for-One Paper Plate Craft

I'm really happy that Caroline from My Country Girl Ramblings has joined me today for #CraftAdvent2015 to share this great, waste-free, idea. Caroline is another woman after my own heart, with a love of all things crafty and a passion for being out in nature. She is the queen of creating gorgeous printables and has some fantastic freebies on her site. Do pop over and visit her and her lovely family on her blog!
The humble paper plate. These are a staple in any household where crafting is a popular activity. I love them. So handy to make so many things. Today, I'm sharing a Christmas craft but it gets better. It's two crafts with one paper plate. 

A Christmas Tree and Door Wreath 
Firstly you'll need to gather your supplies:
Paper plate
Paint brush
Red bow
Paper shape cutter/hole punch
Coloured paper
Pom poms

Paint your plate and let it dry.
Cut the center of the plate out and put it to one side.
For the wreath
Add a bow to the top of the wreath and glue pom poms around it to decorate.
For the Christmas tree
Take the center of the plate and cut it into 3 sections.
Stack them on top of each other and tape or glue them together.
Take your hole punch or shape punch and cut some shaped out of coloured paper.
Glue them to the tree and add a star to the top. 
We knocked a few hours out with this craft and the kids loved their creations.
Sometimes the simple crafts turn out the best.


  1. Thanks you so much for having me and for the very nice intro. So glad I could take part.

    1. Thanks so much for taking part, Caroline! Delighted to have you x


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