Craft Advent: Day 14: #ChristmasCraftChallenge

Today, I'm sharing a craft I came up with for Viking Direct as part of their #ChristmasCraftChallenge. I was invited by Viking to take part in this campaign, and, as I was hosting #CraftAdvent 2015 anyway it seemed like a perfect fit, AND an(other) excuse to play with stationery (as if I need any encouragement on that front!). The challenge put to me was to create a Christmas decoration using office stationery products.

I often use office stationery in my crafts anyway (see day 1 of this very craft advent for example!) so I knew I could come up with something... it was deciding on what to make that was the real challenge for me. I considered making baubles from push pins and garlands from paperclips and I looked at the Viking blog for inspiration. Eventually, I settled on designing a solution to a problem I have every Christmas - where to put my greeting cards. Our house is teeny tiny and there are not a huge amount of surfaces that can house the amount of Christmas cards that we (gratefully) receive every year. We actually don't even have a mantle piece in our living room - which immediately rules out the obvious place for putting cards. I have, in the past, hung string and pegged the cards along it but this challenge inspired me to come up with something better than that - a 'Card Tree'!
You will need:
Cardboard Box
Permanent 'Sharpie' Markers*
Bostik Glue Dots*
Bulldog clips*

* all available from Viking Direct

Open out your cardboard box and trim off the 'flaps'. (Keep the cut-offs! You'll need just one piece to complete this craft but you can also use the rest to make a simple game like THIS which will keep the kids busy over the festive season!)
Next, you're going to decorate the cardboard strip like a tree trunk. Use a Sharpie to draw out some 'knots' and then add lines that run the length of the card and swoop around the knots.

When you're finished with that, flip the card over. Cut two 4 inch strips of card and use the glue dots to stick them in place, leaving a space in the middle to thread some string through. 
Flip the card back over and cut a series of 'wedges' out along the sides of the card. You can cut as many or as few as you need.

Hang your 'Card Tree' up and use the bulldog clips to pin your Christmas cards in place!

This can be hung on the wall or the back of a door and will keep all your cards in one place while also looking quite decorative. If you get lots and lots of cards, consider attaching 'branches' by using the leftover cardboard box scraps.

Disclosure: I was invited by Viking Direct to take part in their #ChristmasCraftChallenge and source the supplies needed up to the value of €25.00. I was not paid in any other way to create this post.

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