Dreams at January's End

The month of January has come to an end. It was as bleak as and miserable as it always is (sadly, made even more miserable by the loss of so many inspirational humans). But, at least it was mercifully swift in its passing, as all time is when you have small people to keep you distracted from it. Tomorrow is Imbolc, the day Winter should loosen its grip and let Spring begin to show itself. It feels good that it's a Monday. The start of a new week. The start of a new season. The start of a new plan.

I didn't make any New Years' resolutions this year. Usually my resolutions are a bit abstract and wishful so instead, I set myself a series of goals for 2016. None of them involves going out in the cold or eating rice cakes and no chocolate. Some even have definite deadlines, so I can work towards them and know that I'm making progress. Others have more of an investigative nature - small things I'm trying on for size to see if I'd like to pursue them further.

I have a tendency to be over-ambitious. To ignore the fact that there are only so many hours in the day and that, although I'd love nothing more than to lock myself into a room and work towards my own personal goals, there are other people and things that require my attention. There's also the need to eat and sleep... The other things that need me are worthy of my time too, of course. I enjoy spending time with my children and Devo. I enjoy baking and making nourishing meals. I don't even mind keeping the house (reasonably) presentable. But I also enjoy pursuing my 'work' aspirations and sometimes it's hard to juggle it all. To cram it all into too few hours. I seem to believe that if only I can be more organised then I'll be able to 'do it all'.
Regular readers will know I have a love of stationery and that I'm a fan of planners and planning. Although, sometimes I feel like I spend more time trying to corral my life into little square boxes on the wall or lists in notebooks than actually doing the thing on the lists, I know for a fact that it does help me focus and feel in control. I don't necessarily believe that 'life is what happens when you're busy making other plans' because a most of the things that happen in mine wouldn't happen if I hadn't written it down. (I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on!) Regardless of how much I 'plan', however, it doesn't magically extend my day by 7 hours or make me any less tired in the evening. 

Maybe, if I could decide on just one goal to achieve, I might make faster progress and see better fruits for my labour. (Sorry, but I appear to be full of the 'sayings' today!) But I'm not that kind of person. I'm more of a suck-the-marrow-of-life (will it ever end!) type person. I think life is rich and wonderful and full of so many things to try, I can't settle for just one. Hence, my plans for 2016 include writing a children's book, pitching another book idea, pursuing more work in television, writing more craft pieces for more publications, developing a product to sell, developing this space and more.

But that's not all - I also have a list of family goals, financial goals and home-improvement goals...

I don't mess around...

(*ahem* ... except for all that time I waste hanging around on social media....)
I have a few diaries and planners on the go this year, which serve different purposes. One of my favourites is my Book of Days made by Emily at the Nest. At the beginning of each month there is a large fold out page entitled: inspiration, plans, hopes, dreams, intentions which is the perfect place to record my intentions for each month. 

Tomorrow, I will find a quiet moment, light a candle to welcome back the sun and continue to dream that my days will magically be extended and that all my goals will be reached. Eventually. A girl can dream, huh?!

P.S. As February is here and our thoughts turn to loooove, check out my guest post on Red Ted Art to find out how to make this easy Valentine's Card!


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  1. Thank you for the lovely mention :-) I have so many dreams, intentions and hopes too, no resolutions as such either, mine definitely tend to be a bit more non-tangible and floaty; more of the "more of this, less of that" variety ! wnile I don't love the weather at this time of year, I LOVE the feeling of possibility and energy for new plans. Roll on 2016, so looking forward to seeing all you dreams and intentions unfold <3

    1. Thanks Emily. I love the planner. I use it more as a little journal. A couple of notes to record what I've done each day. I haven't 'kept a diary' in years and it's turning into a lovely moment of quiet and reflection in my otherwise busy days. It's the perfect place to record all the wishful thinking!


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