Science Kid

Sábha has big dreams for the future. She has graduated from the stage of wanting to be a unicorn or a dog when she grows up, to having vaguely-possible dream-job goals. Her current plan for a future livelihood is to be a scientist-rock-star-ice-cream-lady.

She has it all worked out. She will primarily be a singer and guitarist in her band 'Fire Snakes' (more on that soon) but, apparently, because she'll also be a scientist she will be able to rig all of the 'fireworks' for their live-shows too. Then, she claims, she'll make extra money by serving the audience her own brand of ice-cream. Including her speciality 'Rainbow-flavour'. 

She's only five, so doesn't yet realise that rock-show audiences generally prefer beer to ice-cream... but that's a minor issue at this stage. Rainbow-flavoured beer anyone? Anyway, the best bit about this part of the plan is that the ice-cream (or beer) will shoot out of the headstock of her guitar into the upheld cones (or cups) of the audience, thereby dispensing of the need for anyone to stand in long queues and ensuring everyone gets to rock out to her band for the maximum amount of time possible.

I think it's a great plan. (Of course I do. I'm her mother.) And I can't wait to go see a live Fire Snakes gig and have beer or ahem ice-cream shot at me from the stage. 

Judging by how determined Sábha is that this will all happen and how she's already begun planning towards her goals - I might not have too long to wait either.
She's already working on her song writing skills and is contemplating asking for a "small electric guitar" for her 6th birthday so that she can begin to learn how to play. Her musical daddy has been enlisted to help her with all of that, which is great.

She's also deep in the taste-testing phase of the ice-cream business... although aren't we all...

Most, impressive of all, however - well, to my non-scientific-self at least - is her interest in science. She is devouring everything even vaguely scientific she can get her hands on lately. She's watching Sid the Science Kid on Netflix, Nina and the Neurons and Messy goes to Okido on CBeebies, Earth to Luna on Tiny Pop and is excitedly waiting for 'Is Eolaí Mé' to air on TG4 later this year.
Santa brought her one of those 'explode a volcano' kits and we exploded it about 10 times in a row yesterday. It came with a sticker of achievement and she loved it so much she agonised over where to 'stick' it. She knew that if she stuck it on her clothes it would be lost within minutes so she begged me for a new notebook to keep it in.

It's become her 'Secret Scientist Book' and she wants to "write all about" her experiments so that she can be "like a real scientist". As she can't write properly yet, I've been hired as her secretary to take dictation.
So far we've only done two experiments - with the same basic ingredients - but I know there will be many more requests, so I'll be hitting up my friend Naomi's site, Science Wows, to try and keep up with her!
This is all new territory for me, really. We are more of an 'artsy' family and science subjects, for me, were just a necessary evil in school. Looking back, I wish I'd paid more attention, as it really is most fascinating to see how the world works. 

At least I'll get a second chance to learn along with Sábha. Although I imagine she'll far surpass me eventually! At least I'll always be an expert ice-cream eater... and rock-star appreciator...

If you want to do a volcano experiment, there are instructions HERE on Science Wows.
If you want to do balloon experiment like the one described by Sábha above, see HERE on Science Wows' YouTube channel.


  1. Fantastic; Sábha is inspiring and I have no doubt that she will be a rock start, scientist and ice cream maker (which is science too!) but also an inventor with her great idea of how to dispense the ice cream! Thanks so much for the mention... I can't wait to hear what your little scientist comes up with next :)

    1. I think I might need to send her down to live with you for a while! I don't think I'm sciency enough for her at all! ;) (plus she'd love hanging out with your gang) I'm sure I'll be calling on you for help at some stage anyway so I'll keep you posted! Thanks xxx

  2. That's so lovely - she knows exactly what she wants to do! I really like the ice-cream-from-guitar idea, sign me up for tickets to the first Fire Snakes gig please.

    1. She really has a very clear idea. I'm kind of amazed... mostly because I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up! I'll put you on the guest list for the show for sure ;)


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