Sylvanian Families Hot Dog Van Review

Lile, Sábha and I were really excited about the latest Friends of Sylvanian Families product we were sent to review - the Sylvanian Families Hot Dog Van! The girls had their sports day the week it arrived and there had been a hot dog stand there. They loved having a well-deserved hot dog picnic with their friends after their races and activities. Inspired by that, we decided to set up a Sport's Day for our Sylvanian Friends in the garden!
All of our Sylvanian Family friends came out for the day. We set up some bunting and eagle-eyed spectators took up great viewing positions in the tree house.
The Persian Cat father and Tuxedo Cat Father did a great job of holding the finish line up for all the little Sylvanians to run to and Toby Golightly the Silk Cat brother was on hand to capture any photo finishes and to take pictures of the winners.
We made medals out of tiny gold buttons and some red embroidery thread and the race winners were so proud to wear them.

After the races, the hot dog van arrived on the scene, manned by Frasier the Chocolate Rabbit father. Everyone was delighted to see the bright yellow van with its big hot dog sign drive into the playing field. Frasier was sporting a lovely stripped apron and a peaked cap and looked very happy to see such a huge crowd waiting to taste the yummy hot dogs, waffles and pretzels he sells.
The winners of the races were allowed to choose their treats first and they sat together for a special winners-picnic.
Then it was everybody else's turn to choose what they wanted. Frasier rabbit was kept very busy, pouring coffee and juice, cooking sausages on the grill and offering all kinds of different toppings for the hot dogs.
After a wonderful fun-filled day all the winners lined up in front of the Hot Dog Van to have their photo taken. Hooray!

The Sylvanian Family Hot Dog Van comes with over 40 pieces; from the all important  apron and cap to the menu, condiments, food containers and all the food. The van itself is a lovely cheerful yellow colour with a stripy awning  and gorgeous, vintage-style signage.

My girls (and me!) are really enjoying playing with this new addition to our collection and I think it would make a lovely gift for a Summer birthday child

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Disclosure: As a 'Friend of Sylvanian Families', I received the Sylvanian Families Hot Dog Van for the purposes of review. All opinions are mine / Lile and Sábha's, however, and we were not paid to give them.


  1. Oh my word....the cuteness!! And the bunting!! The temptation to show my fairy but then the knowing better than to show her too LOL!

    1. I had to go with some Ireland themed bunting after the win against Italy yesterday! Yes, the Hot Dog Van is insanely cute. It might be dangerous to show her ;)

  2. Oh nostalgia. I think I want Sylvanian Families (but all for me...)

    1. All the nostalgia for me too. And seriously - the girls *think* it all belongs to them - but secretly it's all miiine!


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