Nanny Knits

Most grandmothers indulge their grandchildren by buying them gifts, giving them too many treats and reading them extra bedtime stories when they're babysitting. But not Lile and Sábha's Nanny. Sure, she sneaks them the occasional 'sucky sweet' when we're not looking and she always has lovely gifts for them on special occasions - but my Mother-In-Law mostly indulges my children by knitting for them.

Now, you'd be forgiven for thinking that I mean she knits things for them to wear. And you'd be right, I suppose. She has been knitting things for them to wear since they were so small she had to adapt the newborn patterns to make doll-sized cardigans to fit their tiny bodies. She still knits them the odd jumper, but mostly she knits-to-order the random things my girls request.

Like strange outfits for beloved bumblebees:
And yellow hoodies for big-eyed cats:
And 'sleeping pouches' for little ladybirds:
She's also made doll clothes and doll-sized blankets:
And demanding-child-sized blankets too:
Also... whatever this is...
She knits all of these things without patterns or instructions, save those the children give her. "I want it to be pink here and purple there. Use the shiny buttons... no, the blue ones.... no, the purple ones... no, the shiny ones actually..."

She has infinite patience with them.

And they love everything she makes. And her. Of course.

Everything she makes will be treasured forever. They are the most special and unique gifts they'll probably ever get.

I think she has plans to teach them how to knit for themselves too. (Not a bad idea considering how often they request things of her!). That will be the biggest gift of all.


  1. I *love* that she adapts the pattern on the fly to accommodate them!

    1. I don't know how she does it! My knitting skills are non-existent so even the thoughts of it bewilder me!

  2. Ah these really are treasures I still have clothing my gran made me... Siobhan

    1. Aw, that's lovely Siobhán. Handmade things are the best. Especially those made with love.


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