Simple Stained Glass

Stained glass is beautiful to look at but it's not exactly safe for children to make - what with the cutting of glass and the soldering of lead and all of the danger that that involves. But where there's a will there's a way and this simple stained glass is a great looking alternative that young kids can do themselves.
I can't actually take any credit for coming up with this craft as it was Devo who came up with the idea to keep a chronically booooorrrred Sábha busy on a cold afternoon last week. Devo doesn't have a blog, however, so I'm stealing the idea to share here...

NB: This craft will require supervision as it does involve both glass and permanent markers - so do take care!

You Will Need:
A Picture Frame
Sharpies/Colourful Permanent Markers
A Colouring book

  1. Choose a picture you love from a colouring book or print one out if you prefer. 
  2. Dismantle the picture frame and place the glass carefully on top of the picture (an adult should definitely do this bit - and anything that involves moving the glass!)
  3. Use a black permanent marker to trace around the outline of the picture. When you've finished, place the glass onto a plain sheet of paper and make sure all of the details are complete.
  4. Colour in your picture!
  5. When the picture is complete, place it in the frame with some white card as a backing - look how lovely it is!

Sábha is really proud of her creation and it was the perfect boredom buster that brought sunshine to a wintry day. What picture would your little one love to turn into 'stained glass'?!

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