A Day In The Life

A guilty pleasure of mine is watching 'A Day In the Life' (DITL) videos on YouTube. I've mentioned before how inherently nosy I am - so it should come as no surprise that not only do I love reading about other people's lives on blogs - I also love watching them do their thing on video.
I especially enjoy watching what other parents get up to. It's easy to edit out the messy bits of life in blog photos - but slightly less so on video. Kids are unpredictable and you can't edit out the pile of dirty laundry if you're filming them as they run past it!

I mostly work from home these days and my life is not very interesting on camera. I basically do the school run, come home and sit at my desk for the day. BUT - one day a week I get to get out of the house, drive from one side of Ireland to the other to work in the TG4 TV studios. It's probably the most interesting day of an ordinary week so I decided to record it for posterity:

Click here for the: VIDEO

I really enjoy this day as it's a break from the four walls of my box-room office and I get to hang out with some really cool people but I definitely miss my girls as they're often asleep when I leave and again when I return in the evening. In fact there's barely any evidence of me being a mum at all in this video... Maybe I'll do another version of my ordinary day-to-day life, just for the sake of showing the contrast!

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