Maud over at Awfully Chipper has a really nice linky running at the moment. One of the reasons I fell in love with blogging (more years ago than I'd care to admit!) was that it gave me a peep into other people's lives and this type of post has always appealed to my nosy nature. There are some gorgeous entries there already and you should definitely have a look.

I'm using it to try and kick myself out of a bout of blogger's block and to make a little announcement. Here we go:

Listening to:

The sound of Sábha practicing to be a rock star. She's recently expressed an interest in playing the guitar and even spent her tooth-fairy money on a cheap toy one when she was out with her grandmother. Unfortunately it's completely untuneable and virtually unplayable. Luckily we have a house full of guitars and a Daddy ready and willing to help her get started.


Re-runs of Project Runway on Netflix. Deliciously mind-numbing.


Days Without End by Sebastian Barry. And I've got A Line Made By Walking by Sara Baume waiting for me after that. Gotta support those Irish writers yo.


Tea. All of it. Mostly Earl Grey.


I had salmon and haddock sausages for breakfast this morning. There's something strange about fish masquerading as meat but they tasted delicious. I think Devo is slightly traumatised by them though.


A large scarf. Almost permanently. I get chilly at my desk. I'm considering some fingerless gloves...

Working on:

Too many things. The 100th episode of Róisín this week - which happily coincides with International Women's Day. A children's story about a cat and a fox... or maybe a tiger. Designs for an exciting collaboration. Getting to the bottom of the laundry basket.

Worrying about:

The fact that I'll probably never get to the bottom of the laundry basket.


The stretch in the evenings. Or actually more so in the mornings. I so much prefer getting up when it's bright than in the dark.

Not Enjoying:

The persistent grey and the persistent cold. I'm yearning for green leaves and blossoms and a few blue skies. A bit of warmth wouldn't go amiss. Fingerless gloves isn't a great look.

Looking forward to:

If Ireland won't give me the sunshine, hopefully Portugal will oblige!

I'm beyond excited to have been invited to attend the Martinhal Luxury Family Brand Event at Martinhal Cascais in Portugal later this month. The event will feature some incredible family brands such as the Irish Fairy Door Company (which I'm a huge fan of) Ella's Kitchen (who's pouches my children practically lived on as babies) and a host of bloggers, journalist and entrepreneurs. It promises to be an inspirational conference and a fabulous opportunity to discover a new family holiday destination. I already know I'm going to fall in love with the place and I'm looking forward to telling you all about it.

So that's my 'snapshot' - what are you up to these days? If you're a blogger - feel free to join the linky. If not - just tell me in the comments!


  1. Wow Sadhbh! Portugal! Congratulations :)
    I'm with you on the cold and wishing for blue sky and colour.

    1. Thank Nicola. I'm stunned I was invited on the trip to Martinhal tbh but I'm beyond excited!
      Fingers crossed we get some Spring sunshine soon. xx

  2. Oh wow so exciting Sadhbh!! This is a great linky, will try and join up tomorrow too 😊

    1. It's ridiculously amazing. I keep pinching myself! It's a really lovely linky. I look forward to reading yours. x

  3. Thanks for joining the linky - and how amazing will Portugal be?! Wow!

    1. Thanks for hosting! It was a really enjoyable one to write.
      Seriously - Portugal -the stuff of dreams!

  4. That guitar looks beautiful!And wow, Portugal, you lucky duck!I'm not one bit jealous!

    1. Cheers A, that guitar is actually the cheap toy - pretty but pretty useless unfortunately! Of course you're not jealous. Sure who'd want to go to Portugal*?! ;)



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