Sylvanian Family Accessory Set

Lily and Rose Tuxedo Cat love dressing up. They collect all sort of bows, bracelets and purses and they love sharing them with their friends. It's so much fun!

Our latest gift from Sylvanian Families is a fabulous Accessory Set. There are hairbands, bracelets, necklaces, purses, a pair of stylish red glasses and even a tiara!
 Your Sylvanian Family kids will have lots of fun playing dress-up or getting fancy for parties with this set which only costs around €10.
Our favourite pieces are the adorable teddy-bear purse and the dinky hairbows for our baby Sylvanians. They are so cute!
I absolutely adore this set. We have lots of food and crockery for our Sylvanians and picnics and parties are a regular activity as we play. This set will add an extra dimension to our games as our figures will obviously have fun choosing their 'looks' for their days out!
We'll have to have a special celebration with our Sylvanian Families as the brand has just celebrated it's 30th Birthday! This makes me feel quite ancient to be honest, as I remember quite clearly when they first arrived on the market and I've been a fan ever since... but it's lovely to know the products are still bringing so much joy to children (and adults!) all over the world. Congratulations to them!


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Disclosure: As a 'Friend of Sylvanian Families', I received the Accessory Set for the purposes of review. All opinions are mine / Lile and Sábha's, however, and we were not paid to give them.

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