Matchbox Matching Game

I haven't shared a craft in a while and with today being the first official day of the Summer holidays here, I thought it was a good time to do so.
This pocket-sized game is quick and easy to make and perfect for playing in cafés, waiting rooms or while travelling. It will hopefully keep little ones entertained for at least a few minutes longer than it takes to make it!
You will need:
  • A Matchbox
  • Coloured Card
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Two sets of matching stickers

  1. Use the base of the matchbox as a template to make 20 cards that will fit inside your matchbox.
  2. Use the stickers to make 10 pairs of matching cards.
  3. Pack the cards into your matchbox and give your game a name. You can add any extra stickers to it for decoration.
  4. To play the game, place all cards face down on a table. Players take it in turns to find a matching pair by turning over two cards. If the two cards do not match, turn them back face down and it’s the next person’s turn. The winner is the person with the most pairs at the end of the game.
You can add more cards for longer playtime or for slightly older children. It's so handy to pop in your bag and have on hand for emergency distractions!

This craft originally appeared in my column in Easy Parenting magazine's April/May edition. The current edition is in shops now and features two more fun and easy crafts.
And there's also a cool new addition to the magazine - my friend Naomi, from Dr. How's Science Wows, has a gorgeous new 'Science for Kids' column that we are loving here at Where Wishes HQ. We'll definitely be trying out these lovely Lavender Bath Bombs from the current edition!

For more crafts like these, please visit my CRAFT PAGE!

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