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This Summer has flown by. I have so much to tell you about - a blogging backlog as long as my arm. We've been on days out, spent a week in Dingle, Co. Kerry, had a return visit to the most beautiful little island we know, we've renovated parts of the house (I say 'we' but it's mostly been Devo doing that), spent afternoons crafting (my new favourite thing is embroidery), had lots of time chilling in front of Netflix and the girls even took to the stage for the first time!
There has also been the small matter of MY BOOK BEING PUBLISHED!!! Which... has just been the most amazing and wonderful thing in the world. I had been expecting it all Summer but when it finally arrived (typically, while I was on an island in Donegal...) and when I finally got to see it, feel it, smell it and let it sink in that for real for real I am an author, I was still pretty overwhelmed. 
I still am in a way. Bí ag Spraoi Liom! is in shops now and real people... people I don't even know... are looking at it and feeling it and... well, maybe not smelling it... but reading it - which is even better -  and hopefully enjoying it... all while I'm sitting here in my kitchen and it's 'out in the world' and beginning to 'belong' to more than just me and Tarsila, the illustrator and Futa Fata, the publishers. It's pretty incredible to be honest!

With all of that going on, I have had very little time for this poor neglected corner of the internet but with Back to School on the horizon I am feeling very optimistic and brimful of ideas for getting back to writing here.

I'd want to get a move on - because I've just found out that I've been Longlisted in the V by Very Blog Awards 2017 in both the Arts and Crafts and the Parenting Category - so I had better muster up some appropriate content for that!
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I'm even more excited to discover that my new little baba blog (have I even mentioned that here yet?!) has also been Longlisted. I started in April so that I'd have a place to put all of my book-related stuff. I figured my readers here might not appreciate if I suddenly started writing 'as Gaeilge' all the time and wittering on about the #kidlit scene, so my blog over there has been great to get all that out of my system. It's been nominated in both the Books and Literature category and the Blag Gaeilge category and even if I don't get any further than the Longlist, it feels great to have a shiny new badge for my sidebar.

So, that's (mostly) all of the things that have been going on. I feel incredibly lucky to have had such a memorable Summer but I'm quite ready for Autumn and the return to routine. Or... some semblance of a routine at least... my calendar is hilariously erratic for the foreseeable future. At least the kids will be back in school and I'll have time to actually do that erratic work...

Like... writing another book!

In the meantime, if you're in the market for a new children's book, Bí ag Spraoi Liom! is available, so far, from: Futa FataDubray shops nationwide, Hodges Figgis in Dublin, An Ceathrú Póilí in Belfast, O'Mahoney's in Kerry and Liam Ruiséil Teo. in Cork. It retails at €9.95 and is a glossy, gorgeous hardback beauty, if I say so myself!

If you'd like a little taster of what it's about, you can check out the trailer here:


  1. Sadhbh, the fab and you need to do a German translation because all my friends here want to understand it. Looking forward to uimhir a dó.

    1. Danke schon and go raibh maith agat! I believe it'll be visiting the book fair in Frankfurt next month so fingers crossed for a German edition!!


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