Buzzy Bee Balancer

This little buzzy bee loves to fly around the flowers. Can you help him on his way? We promise he won’t sting!

You will need:
An empty tissue box
A small piece of card, folded
Some flower-patterned paper (or plain paper your child can draw flowers on.)


  1. Make sure any plastic is removed from the inside/top of the  tissue box. Cover the top of the box with glue and cover with the flowery paper. Smoothe out and trim.
  2. You can cover the entire box if you wish, but just covering the top is fine (and quicker!) Cut into the paper in the middle and carefully trim the paper to align with the curve of the hole.
  3. If there are any nicks, rough patches, smooth down with your fingers or trim.
  4. Draw a little bee on the folded card and perch it on the edge of the hole.
  5. Move the box around and back and forth to bring your buzzy bee to feed on the flowers!

This craft originally appeared in my column in Easy Parenting magazine's April/May edition. The current edition is in shops now and features two more fun and easy crafts.
For more crafts like these, please visit my CRAFT PAGE!

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