Spotty Wind Sock

With the weather starting to get (marginally) better and children finally able to get outdoors to play without catching pneumonia, this Spotty Windsock will encourage lots of running around in the fresh air. This is an easy and fun craft for young children who will love the bright colours and enjoy running as fast as they can to make the streamers flutter!

You Will Need:

Pipe Cleaner
Tissue or Crepe Paper
Glue stick


Decorate the card with bright colourful spots (or any design you prefer!) with markers, crayons or paint.
Roll the card into a cylinder and glue in place.
Pierce a hole on either side of one end of the cylinder and use the pipe cleaner to make a handle. (Tip: If you don’t have a hole punch you can use a sharp pencil and a piece of blu-tack to pierce a hole through the card!)
Cut long strips of tissue or crepe paper to make streamers. Choose your favourite colours!
Use tape to stick the streamers securely inside the bottom of the cylinder. 

Now run around and watch them flutter!


This craft first appeared in the February/March 2018 edition of Easy Parenting Magazine. For more crafts like this you can have a look at my craft page OR buy the latest edition of Easy Parenting which is in all good newsagents now.


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