The best gig I was ever at!

I went to see Faith No More at the Olympia Theatre last week. I hadn't seen them play in 17 years and it was so worth the wait! I can't stop thinking about how amazing it was. There was such an incredible vibe in the room, that even one of the band members snapped a picture of the crowd going crazy. He even posted it on his twitter page ( So I hope that means the band had as good a time as the audience did!
I had a front row, lower balcony seat, but I'm not in the photo (boooo!). I was sitting just to the left of the shot.... oh well! There is, however, video footage on youtube in which I feature!! It's here and you can just see me under my husbands arm at the 1.41min mark!!
(Can you tell I haven't quite figured out how to post videos yet.....)

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