Fake pet

We don't have any pets at our house. We're not really dog people, you can't really play with fish and though we'd both love to have a cat, we can't have one, because Devo is really, really allergic to them. For example, the last time we 'kitten-sat' for his niece's little cutie his eyes swelled up and he had to go on steroids! So, no kitties for us!!

But it's kind of worked out ok because we live in a neighbourhood where there are a lot of cats and one in particular has become our fake pet.

At first we thought it was a boy cat because it's kind of a toughie and has been through the wars. Now I think it's a girl though, because she's tiny.... I know there is a more scientific way to establish these things, but does it really matter?

So this is our fake pet - Toenail:

So called because she is missing most of her tail and Devo is really into spoonerisms...

We have no idea what her real name is, or where she lives - all we know is is that she randomly arrives at our back door, wagging her stump (like a dog) and miaowing loudly to be fed - and as we don't stock catfood in our cupboards she usually gets smoked salmon or tinned sardines, so no wonder she comes back for more... In return we get to play with her for a while and pretend we have a pet cat.... and then Devo runs inside to wash his hands....

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