So Proud!

I bought The Sunday Times yesterday to spend a lazy Sunday eating and reading. I immediately nabbed the Style section and was leisurely flicking through it when, all of a sudden, a flash of recognition hit me. There from the pages smiled my two beautiful cousins Johanna and Aoife!!
There was a full page feature on their fabulous café in London 'The J&A Café'. It is just over a year old and doing phenomenally well. They count Greg Wallace (of Masterchef fame) and Designer Alexander McQueen among their regulars and one of the days I was there Henry Holland and a whole host of models were there hanging out!

(The article, you can try and enlarge it to read but it's very blurry, it's not available on the Sunday Times site unfortunately)
It's a family business with really great home-made Irish food and unbelievable attention to detail. The girls are incredibly hard workers and deserve all their success.

(A stack of copies to send to the girls in London, the article was only published in Ireland, I suppose because of their Irish connection)

I'm unbelievably proud of them and I can't wait to get over to London again to see them and also to meet Johanna's new little baby - Mary Penelope. So exciting!


  1. hi ya...thats exciting...where abouts in london is it? the hubby is a londoner so we are there often...sharon

  2. Hi Sharon,
    It's in Clerkenwell. Tha address is 4 Sutton Lane. It's quite tucked away, but if you find the Slaughtered Lamb pub you're practically there!If you google J&A Café you should find more reviews and details. Thanks for your interest!


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