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So, I've been a little bit bold/lazy/incredibly busy lately and I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks. It's not a case of not wanting to, it's just that I've been a bit frazzled lately! There have been some pretty big things and some little time consuming things going on and, as I'm not fully ready to share the big things quite yet (exciting posts to come - yay!!!) I'll just give you a litany of the little things that have kept me from blogland...

I've been going out on weeknights, which I don't often do, and so I've been exhausting myself!

One night I went here:
The Loft Market Fashion Show - 7th October
Celebrating creatives in the city ...

It was a great night. A good friend of mine, Bébhinn manages the Loft space and produced the fashion show. She is also a very talented designer and has a stall in the Loft. The show was great with a wonderful showcase of affordable, Irish design. I nabbed myself a fabulous turquoise necklace by eve ella at a 50% discount!

The very next night I ate here, with friends who were visiting from Co. Offaly. I ate so much it hurt..

I also went here, with my entire family, to celebrate my sister's graduation. She is now a fully qualified primary school teacher and we are very proud of our Múinteoir Cáit!

Then my husband went into a recording studio with his band and recorded two songs. Then there was a mad flurry of activity to reproduce the cd, make cd-stickers and covers and organise a party to launch the songs on their myspace the following weekend. Enjoying anything crafty - as I do- I of course was involved in the production line!!

Also, I happen to have a full-time job, so that takes up a lot of time too. These past weeks have been busy. I've been editing a children's comic book and also preparing for our AGM. The AGM was yesterday and so today I am on a day off - which is nice, because I'm very tired. The day itself went well. We had children's entertainment by 'The Mad Scientist' and an Irish language 'market' selling DVD's, CD's, Cd-Roms, Board games, books and greeting cards. The meeting went well and we got some new members for our voluntary committee - so that's good I suppose!

My youngest sister was helping me out on the day of the AGM. She nearly didn't make it but she didn't let me down. She had been out the night before and whilst inebriated managed to fall off her friend's back and land on broken glass. Fun!

She arrived at the AGM with one hand bandaged, convinced there was still glass in it and a sprained finger on the other hand. When we had finished working I brought her to A&E and she got an x-ray. There (thankfully) was no glass in the wound and they just cleaned her up and sent us on our way. Waste of 3 hours, but better safe than sorry!

So that's most of the little things that have been going on. The big stuff would just get lost amongst it and it deserves space of it's own. I promise I'll fill you in soon!

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