Road Trip and some Recommendations

We're getting our garden done at the moment. It's quite exciting to be getting it under control after four years! It's almost all done bar the planting - which we can take our time about I suppose. Last Thursday Devo and I hitched a little trailer to the car and went on a little road trip to get the wood for our fencing from a great place outside Ballyconnell in Cavan. It's called Woodford and they are seriously the best value in the country!!
On the way home we stopped off in Virginia, Co Cavan, where we lived for two years to see what's been going on in the town since we left.
This is our old house there, it's part of an old millhouse, which was pretty and our garden backed onto the river:

All was going well on the journey, we got a good deal on the materials, the wood was strapped down tightly in the trailer, the weather was good, the traffic was fine... when suddenly we had a blow-out on the trailer. Everything started lurching all over the place and we pulled in quickly to the side of the road - pretty much in the middle of nowhere....

We checked the damage and realised we would need assistance. The load was fine but the tyre was in shreds... and we had no spare...

So we sat there for a few minutes trying to figure out who to call. We have roadside-assist on the car insurance, but it does not cover trailers... It was verging on disaster and panic stations when all of a sudden Devo spotted a van passing us with 'Dial-a-Tyre' written on it and a number to call. We called it immediately and within 2 minutes the van had been summoned to turn around and help us! It was such an incredible stroke of luck. He changed the tyre, gave it a thorough check and didn't rip us off. It's a great service. Everybody should have their number on speed-dial!!

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  1. ha ha ha sorcha - what a stroke of luck - what are the chances of a tyre van passing you by in that situation?!


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