In other, more seasonal news..

My Dad:

and, Santa Claus.......
The same person???????

(My Dad would probably kill me if he knew I posted this... This picture of Santa was found on a poster in the city and we could not believe how uncanny the resemblance was. My sister actually thought Devo painted or photoshopped my Dad into the image. So funny!!)

It's going to make a fun Christmas card for my parents!


  1. Sadhbh

    My granddaughter recently observed the resemblance between me and Father Christmas too.

    I picked up, from your comment at Milkmoon, that you are expecting twins in April. Very best wishes to you and your husband. Our daughter had identical twin girls last April. They are beautiful beyond words, as yours will be. Happy Christmas.

  2. Thanks for you comment Martin H!
    And a Happy Christmas to you too!


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