Some of the big news... finally...

I seriously need to make a little more time and put a bit more effort into this blogging thing.... I have the best intentions in the world... but things just seem to be getting on top of me lately...
Anyway, I promised some big news, quite a while ago, and here it finally is:

Yup, I'm knocked up! 20 weeks along actually, and all going well so far, thankfully. Obviously I had intended sharing this news a little sooner, but I've been a little preoccupied and a lot busy.

I have a scan tomorrow and then I'll share the rest of this big news stuff!!


  1. congratulations Sadhbh. i finally became pregnant via in vitro fertilization after a long battle with infertility and losing two babies during that struggle. my ex-husband and i split up three years ago and i went for IVF surgery on my own august of 2008 with an anonymous donor and gave birth to my little miracle last May '09 at the age of 42. his middle name is connected to your beautiful Gaelic name. Oisín. "Little deer." Sadhbh was his mother as I'm sure you know re: the mythology and was turned into a doe and raised him alone in the forest. Anyhow - i wish you a smooth pregnancy and one that was as picture perfect as mine! Congratulations and enjoy every second! {nancy}

  2. Thanks so much Nancy, and congratulations to you on your little bundle of joy - I love his (middle) name, and yes I am very familiar with the folklore. I'm a fluent Gaelic speaker and really interested in all of those old stories!
    Happy christmas to you and your little boy, I'll pop over and visit your blog soon I promise!

  3. hey sadhbh - thanks for your lovely birthday and christmas wishes over on my blog. i had meant to write to you the other day (but was in a rush) when i saw this post.....congrats - thats fab news! i have lots of preggers girlfriends at the moment and i think one of them is about as far gone as you now which is exciting. have a happy (& not merry :( !) christmas and best wishes for an exciting year ahead! sx


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