More of that baby news I promised

So, the biggest part of this baby news is clearly evident in the picture below:

Well, maybe not 'clearly'. Scans, or worse, dodgy photographic reproductions of scans are notoriously hard to read and I assume I'll have to just spit it out and tell you that I'm expecting TWINS!
I know - it's crazy! I'm still getting my head around it - but look at that scan again - it's true! I'm so excited!
The picture above was taken when I was 13 weeks pregnant...
... and this is what they were up to at my 20 week anatomy scan. You might find it hard to decipher, my dad thinks all the scans I've shown him are pretty much like weather satellite pictures, and I don't entirely disagree, but if you look really carefully and forgive my blurry photo, you will probably be able to clearly see a foot kicking a head... see it? Charming huh?? So well behaved already!!

And this is what I look like, 21 weeks pregnant, with twins, making sure that at the very least the christmas tree is behaving itself.

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