Cúinne Baile 1

I'm going to start a series of posts showing little corners of my home. We've been renovating slowly for years now and I can finally see through the fog of 'what needs to be done' and appreciate the little corners that are - for the most part - 'done'!

This is the tiniest part of our fairly sizable garden and the part in which we spend most of our time. Devo built the brick bbq over the past few weeks since the girls were born. It's his first time doing brick work and he's done an amazing job. We hope to spend as many summer days and nights as Irish weather permits hanging out here!

 (The table and chairs were taken from our kitchen because we had a big party for my birthday and needed more space than our little 'table for two' garden furniture, though they might end up living outside for the forseeable future!!)


  1. Hi! Really enjoyed catching up here, Sadhbh! How did I miss that you are now a Mama! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow! That is big news! So delighted to hear everything is so wonderful for you all.

    I'll be a better blog friend from now on, I promise! Things are starting to wind down for the summer now so hopefully I'll have a bit more headspace and time. Oh time...

    C x

  2. Thanks Ciara. I'm a very happy and proud girl these days! Oh yes... time... wouldn't it be lovely if you could bottle it to use as you pleased!


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