Are we famous now??

A camera crew came to my house today to film a segment for a new episode of 'Cogar' for TG4. The programme will be called 'An Cupán Tae' (The Cup of Tea) and will be all about how prevalent the cuppa is in Irish society and how all big occasions in life seem to be marked by sitting down for a cup of tea.

Our segment will be about how a birth always brings people together and how our kettle has been on the boil constantly since the girls were born 10 weeks ago! It also features one of my beautiful sisters and how important our friendship is and how I hope my girls have a relationship like ours in the future.

My Mum brought two of her friends around to meet the babies and they all ended up on camera too, sitting around my kitchen table  drinking tea (obviously!) and eating a yummy lemon cake they had brought with them. I don't think they were really prepared to be filmed but they were great and I think it really added to the piece!

Lile and Sábha were totally professional babies - quiet when they needed to be and all eyes open and smiley when it was their turn on camera - although Lile did burp quite loudly during one of the interview pieces... but it was her first time being 'on set' so we'll let her away with it! I'm a very proud mammy needless to say and it's going to be so cool to have a copy of it for them for when they are older.

It won't air until Autumn/Winter, but you can be damn sure there'll be a post about it when it does! I can't wait to see it!

We are so grateful to Tristan, Mary, Neil and Philip for spending a lovely day with us!


  1. wow, very cool. famous kiddies already....they always need twins for soaps so at least they have a show reel now! s x


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