A Birthday and another Blog Buddy

It was a busy day last Saturday. There was a barbecue in my aunt's house in the afternoon for my grandmother's 84th birthday. The weather was fabulous, the food plentiful and my Nana looked glamorous and gorgeous as always!
 (Sábha and Lile in their great-grandmother's arms)

There were also a lot of tiny babies there! Five babies, all born in the same month - April. Of course two of the babies were mine but the other three belong to three of my first cousins. It was great fun getting them all together for the first time. I'm sure they'll be great friends in the future.
(Babies from L-R Aaron, Sábha, Lile, Connor and Heidi)

In the evening Devo, Lile, Sábha and I went to a Summer Solstice party, thrown by the lovely Ciara of Milkmoon fame. There was a beautiful sunset, a bonfire and lots of friendly folk. Ciara was a wonderful hostess and it was really nice to meet her in non-cyberspace!
It felt strange taking photographs at Ciara's place when it has been so beautifully documented by her already - seriously - I could never do it justice so check out how well she captures her surroundings here and here.

We would have loved to have stayed longer, but we're still getting used to being out of the house for long periods of time with the girls!

It was a really lovely summers day. I'm so grateful for all the wonderful family and friends I have.


  1. Oh you lovely thing! It was SO wonderful to meet you and your lovely little family. Truly. As usual I always end up feeling like I didn't get to talk to most people, so let's do it again soon, on a smaller scale!

    How special it is that your babies have a great-grandmother! Our kiddies have one too. It is a blessing for them, isn't it? And for the great-grandmothers. Treasure those moments. C x

  2. I love your nana's dress - you're right about the glamour!

    Lile and Sabha have been busy bees haven't they?

    Ooh a new blog to follow... :)

  3. Not at all Ciara! Yes let's do it again soon it would be lovely. It is wonderful that the girls have their great-grandmother. I had one until I was in my early twenties and have wonderful memories of her. We're very lucky.

    Lorraine, my friend Bébhinn Flood made my nana's dress (it's actually a dress and small jacket) she's great, and lives in Greystones and if you ever need something special made I would highly recommend her.


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