Happy First Father's Day to Daddy Devo from (L-R) Sábha and Lile.
 Happy Father's Day to my Daddy.
(1978 - another slide from the stash with a label attached that reads: '2 to 3 months. Learning the rudiments' - of bongo playing - sorry Dad I still haven't mastered it!)

(The label attached to this one reads: 'Muck's 21st Birthday 13/July/'78 What a clever camera!'-
I am loving the captions Dad wrote on each slide as much as the discovering the pictures themselves)

We are also thinking about Devo's Dad today and telling our girls about how much he would have loved them, because we know he would have loved them very much indeed.
(1975 - baby Devo in his Daddy's arms)
P.S. My mother's name is not Muck by the way. Muck is my Dad's pet name for my mother as her maiden name is McKay... make sense??


  1. Love the photos Sadhbh! The girls are very cute.

    We're going through some family photos at the minute ourselves - am loving the clothes and hair the most!


  2. LOVE these old slide posts, Sadhbh! Wow, you know you're going to have to go through every single one of them, don't you? How brilliant to have them!


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