Gentlewoman's Wednesday

A short while ago, Devo and his friend Colly invented a special, monthly night out called 'Gentleman's Wednesday'. They get together, have a quiet drink or two, chat about music, fatherhood and who knows what else and are home at a reasonable hour. Very civilised indeed!

While they were out, I was sitting at home with the girls and Colly's partner Colette was also sitting at home with her two girls. Colette and I had chatted previously about getting together to do some sewing at some stage so we decided that, while the lads were out enjoying 'Gentleman's Wednesday', we would meet at my house and have our own 'Gentlewoman's Wednesday'. There would be sewing and tea and cake  and chat about lovely things- way more civilised than the lads huh?!

Last Wednesday was the first. There were some successes - there was tea and cake and a certain amount of chat. Colette managed to make a little dog called 'Roadkill' which her girls have completely fallen in love with!
Colette's 6-year old daughter, Ollie, by far the most successful 'Gentlewoman' of the night, managed to make several pieces, even though she only learned to sew that very night!
(Bird finger puppet, flower, heart, diamond, spade by Ollie!)

And I managed to make absolutely nothing - because my little 'Gentlewomen' decided that sewing was BOOOORING and that screaming for no apparent reason, in perfect rotation, was way more fun! Maybe by next time I'll have taught them some manners...

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  1. sounds like a nice evening, apart from the screaming maybe...
    it's great to see little ones learn new things, and get so enthusiastic about it!
    i love my fortnightly stitch and bitch nights with the girls, not much sewing/knitting done usually, but lots of chat and tea and cake!


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