Naming Day

On Saturday we celebrated Lile and Sábha's Naming Day. The day was wet and foggy but that did nothing to dampen our spirits and the sky cleared for just long enough to enable us to do the ceremony outside. In fact the mist hanging in the trees and the heat in the air lent something of a magical feeling to the day.

Devo and I composed the script and our dear friend Rory was our celebrant. He did a great job and we are so grateful to him.

We performed the ceremony under an arch wound with flowers that we put together ourselves. After the ceremony, the guests were asked to write notes to the girls, on luggage tags, and tie them to the arch.

I have collected all the notes and I can't wait until the girls are old enough to read them for themselves. It was such an amazing thing to have all of our family and close friends there, to see how loved our little girls are and to celebrate how important their arrival has been to us.

Also, I have to mention the venue - The Grove Bar, Willow Grove, Delgany in Co. Wicklow - beautiful venue, with a perfect little garden, great food, friendly staff and a knack for making everything run smoothly! If you are ever looking for a venue for a celebration of any kind I seriously recommend taking a look, or you can just go for lunch someday - they do nice lunches - or pints even - they are a pub afterall!

One last thing... because my part of the 'Parent's Promises' sounded something like this "We will hup glub glimp baw ack sob bleur whinge... pause to wipe away tear... We promise to ehp eep gleer fyoo and reel  ag chow hey chure" - due to excess emotion - I will now post what I actually wanted to say:

We will teach Lile and Sábha honesty, generosity of spirit and tolerance and will do our best to teach them about responsibility, not only to each other, but to the world in which we live.

We promise to try always to be realistic in our hopes for Lile and Sábha's future and to accept the choices they make as they mature.

Clearer now??


  1. Looks like you all had a lovely day - sorry we missed it!

    The arch is a lovely idea - how great will it be for the girls to read all the notes when they're older.

  2. Beautiful sentiment.

    Delighted you had a wonderful day.

  3. We had naming days too. Love reading about yours. love the idea of the arch and the notes :)


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