It's almost Hallowe'en

... and I'm reminded of some photos I took last year of a place that gave me shivers everytime I had to go. As in 'go'... if you know what I mean...

What started out as a fun evening on a romantic anniversary getaway has left me a bit traumatised and certain that I'll never 'go' alone in a certain establishment on the Dingle Peninsula again!

We thought 'Foxy John's' would be a great place for a night out. "Half bar - half hardware store" we thought, " What's not to like?" The only thing we worried about was if anybody had a tipple too many would things get out of hand and was it customary for the locals to reach for the ratchets and chisels in such an event? In hindsight we were foolish to worry about such trivial things! Far darker things awaited us.

The night started out well. We marveled over the quaintness of such a place and enjoyed leaning against the shop counter, entranced by the array of goods available to us, as we consumed our beverages.

We were having a great time... until the inevitable happened... and the quest for 'the ladies facilities' began. '"They're upstairs" was the curt reply, from the barman, to my question of "Could you tell me where the ladies is, please?" and so I went through the little door at the back of the pub/shop and began my fearful journey.

No sooner had I left the cosy banter of the pub and the warmth of the company than I felt a chill creep through me. It's just the old fashioned decor, I told myself, it's odd and kind of 'retro' in a way... nothing more... and on I went up the stairs.

There was nothing to indicate that any of the darkened doors on the first level were my goal... but what could have been behind them... I tried not to think about... on I climbed to the next level and finally saw a sickly glimmer at the end of  a long, enclosed corridor. Here, surely, I must go...

It was the only way forward. I felt like turning back... but at the insistence of my bladder... I travelled on...

and found, at last, my journey's end. The bathroom. With its shabby, pale green walls, bare bulb, slanting floor and... bathtub... of course...

Though these photographic depictions may seem inocuous enough, it is difficult to convey, by camera, the overall atmosphere pervading the place that frightened me and made my imagination run riot. Who had bathed in that bath in times long past? Who had peered into that mirror... and perhaps peered there still...

What was in that little cabinet on the wall?.. What fiend might be blocking my path at the bottom of the corridor from whence I came?.. My head swam with feverish thoughts and I longed to be transported to a happier place by only closing my eyes! But I could not close my eyes for fear of what might happen if I did!!

As you can imagine, I don't think I have ever 'gone' faster in my life! And I fairly ran all the way back to the relative safety of the bar... returning only once (accompanied by a curious acquaintance) to capture these pictures and share them as a warning, to all who venture into Foxy John's, of what awaits the ladies!


  1. Haha- what a great story and photos to accompany- I think I would have opened that little cabinet.
    In the US it seems like there are not many old places with a sense of history-
    Nice to 'meet' you and lovely blog!

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  3. I did open it! there was a screwdriver in it. That creeped me out even more! Nice to 'meet you too'.

  4. Hi there Sadhbh, I found you through Pretty Far West. My local bar/shop/post office, in Offaly has a similar toilet, but with only a short walk to it. I has a beet-pulp bag stuck in the vent, and it's freezing! Also it has no hot water. You never stay long and usually put your coat on to go!
    I too have twin girls btw. They are 2 and a half now, and two older kids too. Nice to find your blog.

  5. Hi Millie,
    Yes Ireland has some strange 'facilities' alright! I think they're a dying breed though. I've just heard that Foxy John's has been 'Super-pubbed' and it's all shiny and new and fancy now. I know the toilets were totally creepy, but I'm kind of sad that they're gone... I had a peep at your blog. The coats you made your girls are gorgeous!!


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