Yule-tide Greetings!

Today is the winter solstice and the beginning of Yule celebrations. There was a lunar eclipse this morning and I got up early to watch, looking forward to a magical start to the festivities of the next couple of weeks. Alas,  it was very cloudy and I saw no trace of this rare event. The morning was magical for quite another reason anyway.

It snowed last night. And boy did it snow! Big fluffy snow that settled in deep drifts over everything and made my heart leap with excitement and my head dizzy to look up.

Snow cushions
In the morning, before the rest of the world stirred, I took a peep out of several windows to marvel at the still perfection of undisturbed snow, though I didn't venture outside until it was light to snap some pictures.

I didn't want to mention the snow of past weeks the last time because it was a bit of a pain. There was too much work to do. Too many things to prepare. And though snowfall will always make me stop and smile and relish the time spent cosy and indoors... it sort of got in the way a few weeks ago.

This time, however, it's different. Work is all but complete. Preparations are all but made... and if things don't get finished, I've decided it doesn't matter a jot. We'll manage, and just maybe, this season, usually associated with gluttonous excess, will be simpler and more magical instead.

Snow Face


  1. No snow here... yet anyway. Just -10 all day! I was up at 6.30 with one of the girls and I ran out to the shed for some kindling to light one of our fires (we keep two going all day) in my jammies. I saw the moon and thought it strange that the moon had been full last night, but wasn't then. I switched on the computer at about 7 and it said about the eclipse...I peered out our patio doors in the kitchen...and there it was..almost gone! I called all the kids and the hubby and we watched it until it got bright...a great experience...I have seen several eclipses, but it was wonderful for the kids to see it so clearly. And on the winter solstice...great.
    Your snow photos are great...I hope you get to enjoy it a bit this time around.

  2. Oh, lucky you to have caught the eclipse with your family! I must say I'm jealous. I am absolutely enjoying the snow now. We're living in a christmas card and it's wonderful!


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