So many things...

There are, oh, so many things going on at the moment! My head is all awhirl lately!
Last Friday was mine and Devo's 10-year 'Together-aversary'. 10 years since we got together. Wow! Sometimes it feels like so long ago and sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday...

Early Days
To celebrate, we went to the cinema. We hadn't been in ages and ages. I had forgotten what a good night out it can be and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. So nice to escape for a little while and be 'just us' again.

On Saturday, Sábha got sick. A horrible tummy-bug. She's still got it. She's also passed it onto Lile. The Doctor says it will pass soon. It can't pass soon enough. Poor little things.

They have been sleepy and clingy. Sábha fell asleep in my arms on Monday. She slept so heavily and for so long that she left an imprint of her ear on my arm! It reminded me of this guy.

We had made it 10 months without any illness. Life is so much easier when they are well!

We are starting to think about their first birthday. I can't quite believe it!

Yesterday, I had an interview with Irish Quilting Magazine. I was talking about the craft night I host 'Make and Do Mondays' (see right). I'm looking forward to seeing it in print!

Of course, I did manage to make it to Tourmakeady for work. It was a wet and misty day. A 'soft' day, one might say. I had been looking forward to views of the lake... but the views were somewhat swallowed by the clouds. It was still beautiful.

Tomorrow is officially Imbolg. We will have a small celebration, babies permitting! There will be candles lit to welcome back the sun. There will be sheep's cheese and a small gift for the small girls and, if there is any time, something treatful will be baked. I am so happy that the spring has returned and that the days are beginning to stretch themselves - it is time.

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