Pink and Green Party

So, my tiny girls have turned the big ONE. They are now officially one entire year old and not really so tiny anymore. So, we threw a party. A fabulous party. As promised, here is the (extremely picture-heavy) 'Pink and Green Party Post'

We had a very busy week preparing for the party. It had suddenly become vital that all the little (and not so little) DIY jobs, that had been put off since their birth, were completed before their big day. At 11pm the night before the party, our kitchen looked like this:
The contents of the music room balancing on the kitchen table!
Somehow, with  a lot of late-night elbow grease, everything got finished and our little house managed to look its very best for the big day.

In fairness, bunting makes everything look better!
Lile and Sábha woke up on their birthday morning, with sleepy heads, to sunshine and balloons.

Balloons Before Breakfast
After breakfast, their Nana arrived, with matching Horsies! So much fun, and a gift I hope they will enjoy in the garden all summer.
 After a little nap the girls donned their Pink and Green Party outfits and tried on their mama-made birthday crowns.
The party table was set-up, with lots of Pink and Green treats, and the cake. Oh, the cake!
It was so pretty I had to make Devo cut it. I just couldn't bear to destroy it! It was absolutely delicious and made by a very talented cousin - who also happens to have a twin sister!
 She also made the gorgeous cupcakes!
When the guests had all gathered, it was time to sing the Happy Birthday song and to give the girls their very first taste of cake!
The eating part was very serious business on the part of the girls - just look at their expressions! Sábha ate the fruit and some of the cake, but wasn't too sure about the icing.
Lile scoffed the lot, and helped her sister finish hers (actually, she stole it from her!)
It was a really great day, the twinnies had the best fun ever and we, as parents, enjoyed every minute. The girls received so many beautiful cards and gifts and we are so, so grateful to our wonderful family and friends for making the day extra special. I'll remember it forever.


  1. So cute! I can't believe how big they've grown. Lile is the image of her Daddy alright! And looks like she has inherited his love of caca milis :)


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