Spring Time Celebrations

I feel like I haven't stopped celebrating since the last time I was here! Spring has just been so full of wonderful occasions to have fun and the weather has been so clement that I have spent as much time as possible out of doors.

I'm beginning to think that this might be my favourite time of year. I love all of the seasons for different reasons, but there is something positively magical about Spring. Green shoots emerging from earth that, so recently, seemed barren and cold. Stark branches suddenly covered in bright blooms and fresh new leaves. The days yawning and stretching themselves and now, the late Spring brings a strengthening sunshine, carried on a warm breeze, that hints at Summer's return.

Also, did you know that almost everyone I know seems to have been born in Spring? There are oodles of birthdays in March and April. Not only my little ones, but both of my sisters, my husband, various cousins, an uncle, an aunt, my mother-in-law and several friends all celebrated birthdays recently and there are still more to come before April is out!

 As a result, I have been enjoying a lot of family-time lately - just hanging out in nice places with my own little gang or spending time with extended family too.

We also had some of my favourite visitors for an all-too-brief stay. My cousin Johanna, her partner and their adorable little Mary Penelope came to town for a grand total of 26 blissful hours. There were walks (yes, plural!) on the beach, a sunny lunch, some laid back drinks and lots of chatty catch-ups. We threw in a couple of yummy ice-creams for good measure too.

Tomorrow is Easter. In our town you always know it's Easter when a local gift shop puts impossibly cute, fluffy little chicks in its window. They always draw a crowd.

I intended to celebrate Easter some time ago, in line with how it would have been celebrated by my ancient Celtic ancestors, but with all the 1st birthday preparation hoo-ha, it never happened. This week, however, I have decorated our first 'Easter Tree' and hung it with some really kitsch eggs from a local discount-shop, some fabric chicks and yellow ribbons from my Mama and a couple of small chocolate eggs for the small sweet girls.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. There will be new outfits for the babes, dinner with my family and lots and lots of chocolate, I'm sure. A real celebration.

And with Bealtaine just around the corner it looks like we will be celebrating for a little while yet!

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