A missed celebration and a tiny victory

So our Bealtaine celebration didn't quite happen. There were plans to bring in the May. There were also plans for sun-shaped sugar cookies and a bonfire. Alas, Devo and I succumbed to a horrible tummy bug and felt wretched for both Bealtaine Eve and Lá Bealtaine. The only celebratory thing I could muster up was to gift my tiny girls (who thankfully avoided the illness) with some little hand-knit bee finger puppets from this shop (but they don't seem to be available online).

I don't feel we missed out too much, however. Luckily, recovery was swift enough to resume enjoying ourselves once again by welcoming an old-friend and her two adorable boys into our home for an afternoon of catch-up chatting and play. Niamh is one of my oldest friends and has, for many years now, lived in California. The last time I saw her was 3 years ago when her eldest boy, Zen, was just 3 months old, and she has returned this time with a new little bundle, 10 -week old Ty. It was so good to see her and get all the news.

We didn't leave it at a mere afternoon meet-up either. Niamh organised something of a school-reunion at her parents house another evening and served a delicious meal. There was a small group of girls, some of whom I hadn't seen since school-days, gathered around the table catching up on 15 -years (really??) of living! It was great to see them all again and hear about their lives, all so accomplished and full of fun. Re-connecting with the teenagers we used to be and marvelling at how grown-up (sort of) we have become!

On Saturday my tiny girls and I travelled early to Co. Kilkenny for a family christening. It was a really lovely day, warm and peaceful in the countryside setting of the gorgeous old farmhouse where my cousin, her partner and their baby boy reside.

 There was food aplenty (as there always is at our family gatherings!) and little cousins to play with.
I'm looking forward to visiting again soon! It's such a nice place to be.

And so, to the tiny victory. It actually seems even tinier now that I'm trying to verbalise it and maybe a wee bit silly... it's about rubbish afterall...

Anyway, we pay for our waste disposal on a 'pay as you go' basis. It has been useful for us to do this as we often don't need to put our bins out for collection every week. Also, they text us every Sunday night to let us know what bins to put out for the folowing morning's collection (refuse/recycling/etc). I like this service a lot!

BUT! It has really irritated me since we signed up that there was no facility to easily check if our account was in credit or not when we put out the bins. This has resulted several times in the bins not being collected at all (because we were out of credit) and leaving us for an extra week with stinky overflowing bins. NOT NICE.

The last time I called to top-up our credit I mentioned to their customer service person that I really liked their text service and would they maybe mention to the powers that be that it would be useful if, when they were texting me about what bin to put out, they might also include how much credit I have left??

This was a while ago, and I had no idea if it would even be passed on or not as the person on the end of the phone hadn't seemed terribly enthused at the idea (maybe it means more work for them?). Last week, however, I got a letter from them, not a personal one thanking me for my brilliant idea or anything, but that's ok.

The letter states:
"Our free text alert service continues to be a popular reminder of which bins to put out on which day. Waste company name will shortly add the customer's pre-pay credit balance to the weekly text reminder"

It's possible that I'm not the only one who thought this would be a good idea, but I kind of feel like I made it happen...

You have no idea how happy this letter made me:)

A victory, tiny as it may be, is still a victory!


  1. I love this kind of stuff! When I first moved back to Bray, none of the local Indian takeaways had the dish I like on their menus so I asked one if they'd make it for me to which the kindly agreed. After months of ordering it pretty much every week, I was delighted to see that they had officially added it to their menu! The customer is always right Sadhbh! :) NF x

  2. Making the world a better place better one rubbish collection at a time :-)


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