Little bits of Summer

That's all you get in Ireland. Tiny little bits of Summer, dealt out in tiny little increments, an hour of sunshine here and there, the sun appearing for glorious moments between the gentle showers and rolling clouds.
And so, we have to be quick and ready, at a moments notice, to grab Summer as it tries to hide behind another looming cloud. Ready to run to a beautiful place where we can snatch those precious sunny hours and absorb the light and the colour and the atmosphere and store it all up to use when the rains come again, as they will, to remind us that Autumn will soon be here.
Yet, while we dash to and fro and chase the inconstant sun we have discovered some new things.
That we have a water-baby -
And a baby that is not so inclined -
We have made new friends in the sculpture park -

And tried new things -
And even when that pesky rain keeps us indoors, we keep ourselves occupied with music -
And art -

Temporary Cártaí Rúbaí studio in my sister's house.
 And amazing dinner with family -
And these things warm us too.

This weekend brings Lúnasa, marking the beginning of the harvest and the end of Summer. I have baked some apple cinnammon muffins in preparation. There are plans for baking bread to eat with the Josterberry jam my parents made. There are plans to enjoy every last ray of sunshine that comes our way.


  1. Lovely post, Sadhbh, and so true! Have a lovely weekend, and thanks for the Lúnasa reminder. I have been so neglectful over the last year or so, and the younger two know nothing about all the celebrations that the older two loved so much when they were little. Time to make amends.

    Ps.I can't get over how your girls have grown!

  2. Your photos are super, especially the beautiful blue of the birds on the wires. In my sheltered life, I have never tasted Josterberry jam.


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