Oíche Shamhna

A grey, misty day. Constant drizzle and a gusting wind that never ceased. We stayed indoors and began to remember how to generate our own light. Now that the dark half of the year has arrived this is something we will have to perfect, but today there was magic in the air that helped us to begin.

Despite the gloom of the day, Samhain definitely brought us some light. It was not a sunny, Summer light, reminiscent of salty seaside days. Nor yet an orange, fireside light, warm and toasty. This light was different. It had a luminosity that is hard to describe. Something of a moon or starlight. But more. A heartlight?
Introducing the babes to Samhain celebrations that we will build on year after year has been wonderful. That is the heartlight that will be stored and will last far and beyond this year's dark cycle. This light, like starlight, will stretch out across the ages and flicker in my heart for eternity.
Apple-Cinnammon Pancakes

Licking the bowl clean
Watching two pairs of bright eyes delight in seasonal treats and sparkling fireworks filled me with joy.
Discovery of the existence of chocolate covered raisins results in unbridled joy!

Discovery of the existence of chocolate covered raisins results in unbridled joy!
Two little creatures, innocent and unaware of why they were in costume, the significance lost on them for a few years yet. They whirled and twirled, delighted with their reflections, and learnt a new chant... "apples or nuts"... "apples or nuts". Not the fashionable 'Trick or Treat'. Not yet. For now the chant of my childhood... "any apples or nuts? any apples or nuts?"

We practiced on the way to their grandmother's door. Excitement building under the darkening sky. Ghostly children whooped and called and rushed around us. "Hello!" my little ones cried, completey unafraid, "Hello!"

More sweet things at Nana's house. A warm welcome and sticky, chocolate faces.

Tired eyes too. An eventful day. So many new things to process at the beginning of this Celtic New Year. They are sound asleep now, Oíche Shamhna magic colouring their dreams.

Flickering candles are colouring my evening. Their flames mimic my heartlight.

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  1. they are so precious, my heartlight is lifted by them.

    still no package? i am beginning again. it will be better, which is how i look on the bright side my dear.


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