It's beginning... feel a lot like Christmas... The countdown to the Winter Solstice has begun.

We packed Christmas parcels in the day-job today for some of the parties we'll be hosting. I did some Christmas shopping during my lunch break and when I got home we introduced the girls to their first Advent calendar.
 There was much curiosity.
The chocolate coins were a resounding success... hopefully the raisins in tomorrow's pouch will have the same effect!

I'm following this. Everyday Lilla a are posting a festive craft for children aged 2-6. My littles are still quite small, but we might try some of the crafts over the coming weeks. You can buy a set of cards with all 24 crafts here. Such a nice idea. We might get the cards, so that we'll be ready for next year.

I'm also enjoying reading this. Good Stuff indeed!

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