Under Water

I feel like I've been under water for the past week. Like my head has been filled with a vile liquid that seeps incessantly from my eyes and nose and dulls my senses so much that even the everyday clamour of family life has been reduced to a muted din. As if I am in the bathtub, ears below the watermark, and everything is happening outside and separate. Voices booming and receding. Indistinct.

The head cold has dripped slowly down onto my chest where now it rattles and wheezes and growls in my lungs and I sound like I have an "80 a day" nicotine habit. It has been rather unpleasant.

Luckily, Devo has been very kind and whisked the little girls away for whole hours at a time so that I could rest and recuperate in small increments.

This has been my view quite often this week, as I hunkered down under the duvet as much as any busy mama possibly can. Watching through watering eyes as great swathes of cloud swept across the sky sometimes bringing rain and sometimes revealing the light behind the mountains. Sometimes a misting drizzle would swallow those mountains altogether and I would wonder if the people who live there had been swallowed up too or if, in fact,  it appeared to them that we, in the town,  had disappeared.

I have been reading this. It is suiting my prevailing end-of January mood. 

I have been enjoying quiet time with the little visitors to my sick-bed. They have started to randomly hug and kiss each other. Unprompted. It is unbearably cute. Scenes like this make my heart sing.  I yearn to lift my head out of the water so that they make me well again.

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  1. How very charming they are! And I hope you'll be better soon; there's been a terrible bout of illnesses going round this past month.


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