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... or rather, this is not the post I intended writing... but my completely battered laptop committed computer suicide by taking a solo nose-dive off the arm of the couch yesterday. There was nobody even near it for me to blame. Lile was innocently jumping up and down in the same room and all I can conclude is that the floor vibrations were just too much for the poor thing to bear and it decided that the end was nigh. It would have been four years old next month... I'm not sure what that is in computer years... probably quite a lot...

Tea & Tulips for Mother's Day
There are some signs of life left, a blinking of little blue lights when I turn the power on, but the screen has flatlined, so until we can afford to have lifesaving surgery performed it has been doomed to a dusty, forgotten corner where it will have time to think about what it's done.
Handprints on  a Paper-Clay scroll for Mother's Day
I am attempting to post from the ANCIENT desktop which creaks and groans so much that I am catching up on a little light reading as I wait for pages to load... it's like dial-up but without the infuriating noise (at least)... and it won't let me install Google Chrome, so even blogger hates me today and is making it very tricky trying to insert things like links and photographs... which reminds me that I also can't find the wire for the camera to extract all the wonderful (ha!) photographs I was going to share. The ill-fated laptop had a handy little card reader built-in, so the wire has long-ago been lost to some other dusty forgotten corner (there are too many of those in this house!) All I can share today are a few phone-snaps from the past few weeks.
Mini birthday celebration at Great-Nana's house
What I was going to do was a write a bright and shiny post about Lile and Sábha's second Birthday. It was yesterday. We had a party. Not as big a party as we had last year, but with an even stronger theme and another amazing cake and little ones that sort of 'get' what a birthday is. It was lots of fun... but you'll have to wait a few days for the details! All I can share of the day is a sneak-peek of the theme:

... and a picture of the girls on their birthday tricycles:
They can't read, so blatently ignored my name-tags...
In other news, I got a new sister-in-law - YAY!!:
... all decent photos also trapped on camera...
The girls had their first ice-cream cones during our surprise late-March week of summer:

They also had their first trip to the fun-fair, with mixed reactions:

... And some new friends came to live with us:
All in all, apart from the laptop incident life has been rolling along quite nicely, if a little insanely hectic! More soon.

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  1. this is a fun and funny post, even coming from the grandpa desktop. how could it not be fun, though, with those two two-year old cuties? and your pictures are all so charming and happy. your town is so cute looking, behind the girls in the buggie car. what a nice backdrop! love to you sadhbh. lovelovelove.


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