I'm not sure where to start. It's been aeons since I've written a real post. I'm not counting the last post, which was relatively recent, as a real post, because it was mainly an attempt to bully you into going to a craft fair. (Which went really well by the way)
Our stall at the Craft Festival
... and yet I could easily just try to bully you again into going to another event where Cártaí Rúbaí will be, with all our new cards, which are not yet on the website. It's tomorrow in case you are actually wondering. In Festine Lente. From 11am. There will be traditional Irish music and family picnics and cake and (hopefully) sunshine. Come and buy a Father's Day card - you really should be getting one organised at this stage!

That's another thing I could talk about... allegedly it's Summertime. We did celebrate Bealtaine, which in our part of the world is the first day of Summer...

Bealtaine Butterflies
...but the fickle Irish Summer has been teasing us a little bit. Smiling on us for several days in a row and then turning her back on us, unleashing torrents of rain and, this evening at least, a wild wuthering wind that is crashing about the house and booming so loudly down the chimney that it sounds like February all over again.
Playing in the rain - 7 June 2012

I swear it is Summertime!

...But, oh! When that sun shines... what fun we have been having! I could write at length about the smiling Summer... about how she brings such colour to our grey garden...

...and invitations to garden parties, where we blow bubbles and stretch out our toes in the grass...

... I could wax lyrical about the picnic by the waterfall and about how cool and clear the water in the stream was and how much the little girls enjoyed themselves. How sweet they looked with "their dresses tucked in knickers, and legs shiny wet"

I could make you swoon with descriptions of lazy work lunches in the park where the mist from the fountain was carried on a soft breeze to cool our sun-warmed skin.

... or indeed I could tell you all about the wedding we went to and how handsome my husband looked all dressed up in his 3-piece best.

Isn't he handsome?
... but I suppose what I really, really want to tell you is that I'm going to be an Aunt! My baby sister is going to be a Mama, pretty much any-minute-now! She is ready. So ready.
Oh! How excited I am! It will be a beautiful Summer regardless of whether the sun smiles or not! There will be tiny cheeks to kiss and miniature fingers to marvel at and hearts brimful of love. That's all the sunshine we need.


  1. Well congratulations :)
    And your little girls look adorable in pink rain suits.
    By the way - you didn't happen to send your storms and heavy rain down our way did you?

  2. congrats auntie!! i love baby anticipation. best wishes to your sister.

    i love how you capture that overarching spaciousness of summer with little teases of this and that. and that stream/river looks so divine! i have a friend in wales, and she's reported on the crap weather this summer, it sounds wicked.

    glad you are posting again!

  3. How exciting!...I hope everything goes smoothly for your sister.
    I sent my kids off to school with no jackets this morning, by the time they got off the bus this afternoon, it was spilling! Mad weather!

  4. @Debs - Thanks! ... and you're in Australia aren't you? Is it not winter there at the moment?? I don't feel bad sending storms your way if you could swap them for some of your usual sunshine!

  5. @ Mary... thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. I'll pass on your wishes to my sister and to her little Elsie Rose! - Yes! She's here!!

  6. @ Millie - I know! I wonder at our crazy summer weather every year - when will I learn to accept it??!! Everything went really well thanks!


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