Can I borrow your Unicycle?

I suppose there will always come a point where juggling; a full-time job, a small but suddenly growing greeting card business,  mothering twin toddlers, wifing a husband (i know that's not a word, and that it sounds kind of... hmmm... dubious?, but I can't think of a suitable verb right now), keeping some friends, trying to have some hobbies, being part of a large extended family, endeavouring to maintain a blog and getting on with general everyday living (paying bills, eating, cleaning things, exercising, facebooking, etc ad infinitum) - all whilst riding a unicycle ,will come to a head.

Ok, so the unicycle part isn't true. But sometimes it feels like my life is such a circus, I might as well add one into the mix. Things have been dipping and diving all over the place lately. Working away for 5 days (the longest I've ever spent away from my babies), coming home, feeling under the weather, having a brief but sun-soaked holiday in Spain (thank you Donnchadh and Emma), coming home, feeling completely wiped out instead of rested... and now, as it turns out, things have indeed come to a head and I have a lung infection!

It was lucky that I stopped ignoring my pesky cough and went to the doctor a couple of days ago, because if I hadn't, I likely would have developed Pneumonia in my right lung by now. That is not something I imagine I would have enjoyed. I feel rubbish, but the "absolutely necessary" antibiotics (my doctor is not an antibiotic pusher) have hopefully started doing their job.

Oh, and did I mention that Lile has her first chest infection? Poor little thing. She mostly looks like this at the moment, wet-eyed and sad:

Or more truthfully, like this; cranky and whining:
So that's no fun either. For anyone.

Sábha is, so far, just fine... and I love this picture I took of her yesterday:

I know she doesn't look super happy in this picture, but her eyes just about kill me every time I look at this shot.

Sábha mostly looks like this these days: (happy and slightly loopy)
This is good. For everyone.

While I'm recuperating, I'm starting to plan what I will send to my swap partner for the second annual Bioregional Swap. Last year I was partnered with the gorgeous Heather in Colorado and received an amazing package, so this year I'm already excited to see what glimpses of Northern California will find their way into my home... and likely my heart.

I should probably also start to think about ways avoid getting sick again. Ways to simplify my life somehow. .. but I don't know how it's possible really. I probably just need to eat better... that's obviously the best place to begin.

I think I'd rather eat better than learn to ride a unicycle anyway....

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