The Egg

I cooked an egg one morning this week. Actually, I cooked two, but I only got to eat one because Sábha decided to eat the other. So, I cooked an egg and I ate it and then I left the house and went to work.
Waiting for eggs
Now, that might seem like a pretty ordinary thing to you. I'm sure you get up every morning and prepare fabulous breakfasts of pancakes and smoothies and porridge and pastries and freshly ground coffee and toast with all kinds of exotic spreads and it is all just normal - the 'done' thing. Well, not for me. For me, the humble boiled egg I prepared on Wednesday, sans toast even, is a huge, HUGE, thing.

Looking east on a frosty morning
You see, I have never been a breakfast person. My mother battled with me for years attempting to get me to eat something, anything before I left the house for school.  It's not the same thing as being a morning person. I am a relatively good morning person. When I am 'just up' I am quickly alert and can get my act together in record time... I just can't eat immediately. My brain might be awake, but my body takes quite a bit longer to catch up. Also, (and here's the main problem) I love my bed. The process of moving from a horizontal to a vertical position in the morning is just. so. difficult. for. me.
Before the girls were born there was a couple of years where I thought I had it all figured out. I'd stay in bed until the last possible millisecond (usually hitting snooze on the alarm about 500 times). Then, jump up, race to work and eat granola and fruit as I checked my emails in the morning. My body had plenty of time to wake up on the commute and I got as much delicious sleep as possible. Perfect!

Then I had the girls and, along with EVERYTHING else, this changed. They became the alarm clock I couldn't hit snooze on and consumed all of my 10-minute morning routine so that I couldn't even get it together to bring granola to work with me. I'd often even forget fruit so that I'd usually grab a pastry at a corner shop as I raced (mostly late) to the office - which is not ideal when you're wheat intolerant...
Little visitors in the wee hours

Anyway, (and this is such a long winded way to get to the point) I made a New Years Resolution. I know I know, I'm ridiculously late getting around to posting about New Years resolutions but there you go...

For 2013  I have resolved to get up BEFORE the girls.

If you are a parent of a small child or children you will know how difficult this is. You may, like me, have adopted the 'sleep when they sleep' mantra from day one because you don't really have a choice if you want to stay at least partially sane. Eventually, however, children start sleeping marginally better. Sometimes they even sleep all through the night, several nights in a row. When this starts happening it's easy to get greedy. You try to sleep as much as you can as if trying to catch up on ALL the sleep you've missed out on since they were born (which is obviously a lost cause). Sometimes, even when the children have slept 13 hours straight and come to wake you up at a perfectly reasonable 8.30 am, you still might be a little bit resentful... (because obviously you've gone to bed at 1 am after enjoying your child-free time). "Gawd, I wish they would have slept until 9am, 10am, until noon... anything as long as it's MORE". Because, for so long,the main aim of parents is to get more sleep. So much so, that eventually you sort of forget how to recognise when you're starting to get enough. Or at least I did.

Lately my littles have been sleeping marginally better. Not every night, but lots of nights they sleep through the night. Yet, even when they do, I have found myself still wishing and wishing that they had a snooze button. Just five more minutes, Mama is soooo tired.

But they do not have a snooze button (obviously), they are almost three years old (!!) and full of get up and go in the morning They do, however, need and deserve a Mother that is alert and ready to engage with them in a non-stressed, half -dressed, cranky, running out the door while they cry after me way.

So I have begun to get up earlier than them. The first morning I got up and washed and dressed in the quiet darkness. Lile awoke soon after me and quickly woke her sister but because I was up earlier than usual I managed to wash and dress them too and we all had a calm granola breakfast together before 8am.

The second morning the new neighbours' renovations woke us all before 7am, and I found I had enough time wash and dress myself and the children and to cook an egg for breakfast. I had time to eat it and to leave the house calmly with no crying children. It is a revelation.

A simple egg. A symbol of new life.

Days three and four saw a return to granola for breakfast, but that's mostly because we had run out of eggs, I swear...

P.S. I'm addicted to Instagram


  1. i wish i could have the lie ins that D seems to manage...but of course he still likes his middle of the night "I'm wide awake so I'll just keep shouting for mum" time for several hours! when i get up early for work i'm wishing soooo much it was time to get back in bed! some day we'll be dragging them out of bed i guess, or maybe they will be bringing us up cups of tea! here's hoping!x

  2. Hooray for the humble egg! I try to get up before the children, but usually fail...they are early risers! My older ones are usually up by 6.30, but if I am up before the little ones, and get the coffee and porridge on, I'm happy!
    You'll have to start keeping a few hens now!
    Happy New Year to you all!

  3. Yes, Richéal I know! I remember well my Mother screaming up the stairs for me to get up all through my teenage years. Mad to think I'll probably be doing the same at some stage! And tea in bed... now that would be nice!

  4. 6.30 Millie, my goodness - that is EARLY! Happy New Year to you all too -the new stairs look wonderful by the way!

  5. Mama, I am right there with you. especially on the "i am trying to make up for 3+ years of lost sleep." i had a similar new year get up before fern, make the coffee and be ready to go so i have enough time to do work and writing in the morning.

    it lasted all of two days. mostly because if fern wakes up and i'm not in bed with her, the day starts out with tears and never really recovers. *sigh*

    but still, trying to get up early-ER in general. i love your brkfast resolution. something i love is if i make something the night before that i can pop in the toaster oven to about gluten free muffins?

    sending you dedication and oomph to keep the resolution going! xoxo

  6. Thanks Mary! Now, no one mentioned anything about getting actual work done in the morning! You've got some great ambition there and fair play to you for managing two days! I can just about manage to wash, dress and feed myself, anything else is far, far out of reach for me at the moment!

    Mmmmmm Muffins - good idea :)


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