We celebrated Imbolc this weekend. The beginning of Spring. It seems that the Cailleach was busy again this year, as again the day dawned bright and sunny. Imbolc is the day the blue-faced witch of winter - The Cailleach - takes to the woods to gather fire-wood, so we decided to follow her lead. We donned our boots and payed a visit to the Glen of the Downs, not to gather firewood, but to forage for signs of Spring to adorn our new nature table (currently the hall window-sill).

I have only just begun to create an 'official' nature table for the girls. They often come home with sticks and stones and feathers and flowers and all kinds of other rustic paraphernalia. These pretty treasures often end up on bookshelves, in baskets, under the sofa, in the dolls house, in coat pockets... just not anywhere specific. I am excited to now have a corner of our home where we can witness the seasons changing. We don't have a lot of things yet. A couple of small twigs, with buds beginning to unfurl, some pine cones (my children are obsessed with pine cones) and some pine twigs. We also have the first inhabitant of the nature table. Our little spring gnome. I bought a set of seasonal wooden gnomes and they will each take it in  turns to guard over our wild treasures throughout the year. I'm excited to add to our table as the spring progresses. There are plans to add artwork and fresh flowers and pictures... watch this space!

The last time we visited these woods, was just over a year ago. We didn't make it too far into the woods that time, because little legs couldn't manage to make it as far as the 'fairy castle'. (click on that link, it's a pretty magical structure). This year, however, they are strong and able and just needed a little encouragement to keep going. It was such an adventure. We had a little picnic amongst the ruins and played games in the 'castle' and in a tiny cave nearby. The girls named themselves; Princess Lile Fairy and Princess Sábha Fairy. I tried to call myself the Queen, but I was corrected and proclaimed Princess Mama Fairy. Dada was 'King Dada - very fitting!

Later we ate a candlelit dinner. It was perfect. A celebration. January is over and the days are slowly beginning to stretch. I can feel spring on it's way.

(The only fly in the ointment was that,on the walk, I discovered my phone was broken, hence no detailed shots of our day are currently available, boo! - but also - hooray for King Dada, getting these photos, just before his battery died!)


  1. Lovely, what a magical day with my beautiful princess fairies!!

  2. Beautiful pictures!


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