One Week

In one weeks time my babies turn three.
A couple of weeks old

First birthday

Second Birthday
There is a party in the works... after some tough negotiation, it is to be a Bunny Birthday Party ( it's a great time of year to pull it together, but not what I had originally planned!)

There are some gifts being made (which actually suit the original party-theme, but hopefully they will still like them... I am planning on doing a tutorial when they are finished.... if they turn out ok, that is!!
I can't quite believe they are three... I am relishing these last few days of two, time is racing...


  1. they are so gorgeous! happy birthday to the bunnies :)

    i loved your cousins comment over on my blog, so awesome that you all have stayed close and that the second cousins are so tight too!

    thanks for saying hi. i look forward to the tutorial!

  2. oh my goodness! maybe if we grab the rope together, we can slow down time! happy birthday to your big girls!! and most of all, happy birthing day to you, mama. congratulations on making it to this point in motherhood!!!

    and good luck with the bday prep! if you drive yourself crazy, then i do hope you share with us so we can at least reap the rewards of your insanity. :P


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