The Bunny Birthday Party

Yesterday, my little bunnies turned three. So, we celebrated with a Bunny Birthday party. (Originally we had decided on a 'Rainbows and Unicorns' theme and their birthday gifts reflect this... but more about that in a later post.) Actually, as it turned out, a Bunny party was a great theme to pull together at Easter time, so it came together much better than the other theme probably would have, and I didn't have to trawl the internet for bits and bobs, because every shelf in every shop was festooned with Easter paraphernalia that was more or less perfect for the party. The discount shops were especially full of the types of items I was looking for, so this party was pretty cost effective too!

I was a little bit fussy though, (of course I was) I wanted a Bunny party... but not an Easter Bunny party. The girls' birthday was two days AFTER Easter, and though I could have easily gotten away with Easter bunny stuff, I just didn't want the confusion. Also, the Easter Bunny had taken away their nighttime baby bottles (finally!!) and I knew that they would still be adjusting, so this had to be just bunnies of the 'cute and friendly' variety - not the mean old bottle stealing type ;)... I'm such a control freak!

I was much more organised this year than I was last year and started preparing well in advance. I kept a pile of orange, green and brown card in the kitchen and every time I had a spare minute I'd cut out a carrot or a bunny shape and store them in a container so that the night before, all I had to do was string them into bunting and hang them up.

I loved how they looked and, because the girls had seen me cutting out all the parts, they recognised it immediately. "Mama, you made this!!" Lile cried, when she saw it - "I love it!!" That one statement, made all the painstaking cutting out worth it!

The bunting, coupled with lots of orange and green balloons were all we needed for decor - cheap and cheerful!

I have tried for the last two years to make a treat table happen, and it never really comes together for me. I just don't have enough of the fancy glass jars and cake-stands that make them look fabulous, nor do I have the cash or the inclination to purchase them, nor the space to store them between birthdays, nor the blank wall to push the table against - so this year I decided on a different approach! It should have been obvious to me as it's something I have been doing at work events for years- Treat Boxes - one for each child.

This party was a family only one - but we have a pretty big family, so there were still 12 children expected (11 of them under age 4!!!) and a treat box was the perfect way to ensure that every child got the same amount of treats. It  also left the table free for healthier foods that they could help themselves to and treats that were more appealing to adults.

I bought some cheap party boxes and glued a bunny cut-out to every one - that I intended to write 'Rabbit Food' on, but completely forgot about. I filled each box with...well, with the type of rabbit food you should definitely not feed to rabbits! There were chocolate lollipops and carrots, bunny jellies, marshmallow 'bunny tails', corn snack 'carrots' and a juice box in every one. We served them on a picnic blanket in the living room where they were very well received by the little cousins!

We kept the food as simple as is humanly possible. Devo made a million, perfectly cut, sandwiches and my sister made AMAZING carrot cup-cakes for the grown-ups. I made a super-easy chocolate biscuit cake from this recipe. Covered it with green butter cream icing and stuck the beautiful fondant flowers a friend made (thanks Faye!!) on to spruce it up. I found the bunnies for €1 each which the girls adored (they are now happily hanging out on our nature table!) and that was that!
This is the first birthday cake I have ever attempted (and in fairness, the flowers are the best part!) but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out!

After cake there was jelly and ice-cream. I attempted to make ice-cream bunnies, but I don't own a scoop so they turned out a bit weird and un-bunny looking! I made them the night before (quite late) and kept them in the freezer in individual cupcake cases so that they were ready to plonk on top of the individual jelly portions at a moments notice!

I had a few activities planned but we didn't do them all. I printed out some bunny colouring sheets and set out some markers. I also organised a little rabbit crafting session and the kids had great fun designing and decorating their bunnies. I didn't manage to get any photos of the session, but this little fellow got left behind so I snapped him. I love how he is eating all the carrots!! 

I had intended reading a bunny story aloud, having a bunny-hop dance and bringing them all out to the garden to plant carrot seeds in little pots (but it was freezing out!!), but all of the children seemed to be happy enough playing together so the craft activity sufficed.

Devo made some super-cute bunny ears out of white card for all of the little guests at the eleventh hour the night before... and then we only remembered them towards the end of the party - but almost everybody got one in the end!

For the favour bags I found the most adorable little finger puppets, filled egg shaped bunny containers with jelly beans and added a mini Lindt bunny to a little gift bag.
The girls had a wonderful day, got ridiculously generous gifts and had the best time ever with all their cousins. We are so grateful to everybody who made it such a special day.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my beautiful girls!!


  1. Ooh, it looks like it was a lovely day. I love the bunny theme (rabbit's are my favourite - next to unicorns). Happy birthday girls! x

  2. What a party! Your details are all so sweet and most of all your little three year old bunnies are so darling!


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