The Latest Swap Report

The most spectacularly late swap report actually. In fact it's almost a year late. That's pretty late... even for me...

This time last year I had just received my partner information for the 2nd Bioregional Swap and was busy preparing my parcel. I mostly themed my parcel on Samhain, and the traditions we celebrate here, with Báirín Breac, and Folktales and something to dress up in. In this case, I made a flower crown, like the ones I made for my girls for Midsummer If you have a look at the website of my amazing swap partner, Nicomi, last year, you will probably understand why the flower crown was just the thing. You can see some of what I sent her here - which she shared on her blog in a timely fashion!

Of course, I got a parcel too, which was so gratefully received on a bleak November day last year.

It was beautifully packaged, so exciting to open and full of treasures from her surroundings.

It even contained a piece of original art, which I feel so lucky to have and which I adore. It is hung above the desk in my office, and it makes me smile each time it catches my eye.
There was a special gift of an exquisite handmade dream catcher for Devo and I and one for each of my little ones.
The dream catcher sits above  the driftwood deer that Devo made. (he also made the carved wooden heart)
Now that Autumn is drawing in around us again and the Swap partners have been named, I am gathering little treasures to fill my next parcel. This year will be a little more difficult as my new partner doesn't seem to have a blog, so I can't stalk her might find it more difficult to personalise my gifts... but I'll do my best.

Before all of that though, there are more plans afoot for a little celebration on a big day that's coming up soon. Here's a sneak-peek:

As soon as I get a minute to secretly complete and photograph the finished product I'll reveal all!


  1. Hello Sadhbh!
    I just happened upon your blog via terrallectualism blog and thought that I would drop a note. What a lovely swap package. :) Yes, the swap is so much fun... I am glad to have ran across your blog. Please stop by mine if you would like. My blog is: Take care, Janet Scarborough
    (Magnolia Wind)

  2. Hi Janet! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words :)


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