Simple Hand Printed Gift Wrap

The girls and I went to a little cousins' birthday party yesterday afternoon. This little cousin lives on a cattle farm and is crazy about all things farm related. Especially tractors!

Late on Friday evening, I decided to wrap the birthday gift... only to find that I had no wrapping paper. Not even tissue paper, which I usually have in abundance. I did, however, have a roll of brown paper, which I always, always have in stock to package greeting card orders. I love the look of brown paper packages (... tied up with string...) but I felt it was a little bit plain for a three year old's gift. So I decided to fancy it up a bit.
I found a cow shaped playdough cutter in  the girls' stash. I was hoping to find a tractor, but no such luck, so a cow it was!

I poured some red paint into the lid of an egg carton. Dipped the cutter in, making sure all edges were coated in paint and printed cow shapes all over the paper.

I then used the eraser at the top of a pencil and a little blue paint to add some polka dots, let it dry overnight and voilá - simple, personalised gift wrap!

I used some green twine in place of a  ribbon and some striped washi tape to stick the corners down. (Incidentally, that ball of twine has been in my possession for years, I use it for everything and it never runs out. It's probably the most useful thing I have ever bought. Ever.)

I also used a trimming of the printed paper and my letter stamps from Muji to make a matching greeting card.

This project is so simple and I think it looks great. It would have been nice to let the girls do the printing but they were fast asleep in bed by the time I realised I needed wrapping paper but I know they would enjoy it. 

There are lots of other things that could be used to print with. I thought using a toy car/tractor to make tyre tracks would have worked well here too. Apples or pears cut in half would be lovely and seasonal. Or even leaf prints like the ones we made for our autumn nature table. The options are endless - we may never buy wrapping paper again!

We had a great day at the party too. There was farm themed colouring in, cheerful bunting, yummy tractor ted cake and plenty of party games. Thanks cousins!!

P.S. Psst! Look over there>>>>>>>
I've made the short list!! Eep!!


  1. I love brown paper and packages tied with string too! I'll have to go check out those Muji stamps, I've been looking for a good set for ages...

    1. Yes, there's something so nostalgic about proper parcels isn't there?! The stamps are useful for all sorts of things and not too expensive either. Go for it!


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