Super Simple Halloween Collage

We're still getting excited about Hallowe'en around here, even though the girls haven't even remotely decided on costumes for themselves. They have, however, resolutely decided that I should dress up as a witch.... I'm not exactly sure how to take that...

In the meantime they are enjoying spotting pumpkins and spooky decorations in shop windows and getting their daily sugar fix from the Hallowe'en Countdown Calendar.

We've also been reading lots of 'spooky' books.
The Haunted House, by Kazuno Kohara being our absolute favourite.
But also this, this, this and of course, this.

Inspired by the colours and stories in these books, we have been making super simple pictures that have engaged my girls for a LOT longer than a colouring-in session would. Afterwards we hang them up as Halloween decorations and everyone who has visited us over the past week has commented on them!

It is the easiest ever craft to put together too and doesn't require many materials at all. You don't even have to use Hallowe'en themed images either, which means a version of this could be fun as an activity at a themed birthday party. 

You will need:
  • Coloured Paper/Card (or you could also cut up old magazines)
  • A Colouring page/Free Printable (This was the pumpkin we used)
  • Glue
  • Other bits and pieces as optional extras: feathers/pom poms/glitter/googly eyes/stickers/pens/markers/etc

Cut up the paper/card into little pieces. Any shape will do, but I did cut out black triangles for them to use for the pumpkin's features. Set them out. Give them some glue and let them loose to create!

They might even add snot for extra 'creepiness' like Lile did!

I added a few extra bits for the witch picture. Some 'eye' stickers I got ages ago on a long roll that never seems to run out, some feathers and some pom poms.

I think they turned out really well!

Note: The glue isn't dry in any of the pictures above, but it dried clear and they look a lot better in real life. You can use an ordinary glue-stick for this project if you prefer, but my girls INSIST on 'gloopy glue', hence the messy, sticky GLOOP all over the place in these pictures!


  1. Hi Sadhbh ... love these, so simple and yet will keep all ages happy. I have a gang of kids over this afternoon thing I will try this out. Thanks for sharing! P.S. I particularly love the multi eyed witches hat... how cool! ;0)

    1. Thanks Naomi! Even better having older kids around - they can do all the cutting out too and you should get even longer out of the activity! The many-eyed witch hat is my favourite too. My Lile has a very quirky way of looking at the world!

  2. Such a great activity sure to keep them busy and happy I love it. Thank you for linking up #batcraftcrazy


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